The Best of So Long Angel

So Long Angel were formed by Fran McGillivray, Mike Burke and keyboardist Roland Kemp in the late 1990s as a vehicle for Fran & Mike’s songs. The lineup settled around 1998 with the addition of Mike Paice, long term member of Dana Gillespie’s London Blues Band on saxes and harmonica, and Les Morgan, who’d previously played in Jo Anne Kelly’s band, on drums.
The five-piece toured extensively and recorded and released the first So Long Angel album “Would it Matter?” In 1999.
The album consisted entirely of original songs and received much critical acclaim. 

Around 2001, Roger Nunn took over from Les on drums and the new line-up recorded and released the second So Long Angel album “Falling” in 2004.
Again, the album was made up of all-original songs and was very well-received.

In the middle of the decade, Fran & Mike were drawn towards a more acoustic, rootsy sound and began to play as a duo on the club and festival scene. 2009 saw the last So Long Angel shows. Fran & Mike recruited Roger to play in the newly formed Fran McGillivray Band, and this lineup continues to tour and record.

Recently, Fran & Mike and Roger have revisited the So Long Angel recordings and are currently including new versions of some of these songs in their live performances.

The Best of So Long Angel provides the opportunity to hear these songs as they were originally conceived, developed, and recorded:

The Best of So Long Angel - track listing

1. Deaf to Love 5.20

2. Whisper of the Rain 5.18

3. Rhythm & Blues 4.14

4. Ecstasy 3.26

5. Would it Matter? 4.41

6. Cell Phone Blues 3.45

7. Whisky Talking 4.11

8. Closer to Midnight 4.33

9. Barbara 3.17

10. I’ve Changed 3.57

11. I Don’t Want to Run Away 

All tracks McGillivray / Burke except Closer to Midnight: McGillivray / Burke/ Kemp 

and Cell Phone Blues: McGillivray / Burke / McFall

All tracks:

Fran McGillivray Vocals, bass guitar

Mike Burke Guitars, vocals

Roland Kemp Keyboards

Tracks 3, 4, 6, 7, 8: Roger Nunn Drums

Tracks 1 , 2, 5, 10: Les Morgan Drums

Tracks 9, 11: Tony Gainsborough Drums

Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10: Mike Paice Saxophones

Tracks 2, 7: Mike Paice Harmonica

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