The RogFest

Saturday 21st March 2009, at The Hare Hill Social Club, Surrey

. . . they were followed by So Long Angel. This is a fantastic band which I only encountered a couple of years ago - but which I think is brilliant.

It is fronted with vocals from bass guitarist (and sometimes flautist) Fran McGillivray. Mike Burke plays lead guitar and sings backup vocals.
James Britton played the drums - I had not met James before this evening, he is a tidy drummer and was so tight you wouldn't know he was a dep.
Roland Kemp played the keyboards - a lovely sound, reminiscent of Brian Auger.

Their music is a fusion of blues and jazz - very beautifully presented and with a lot of their own compositions as well as some refreshing interpretations of really classic standards.
I was with Jackie Lynton while Angel were playing a song called Freedom - one of Fran & Mikes own compositions and one of my favourites. "I don't know this one" he said, "Who wrote this?" When I told him he gave her the highest accolade he ever could. "It's F**king good" he said.

Roger (the Roadie)